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Message In A Bottle (Hayter's Folly)

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Message In A Bottle
Location Hayter's Folly
Level 30
Rewards $2696, 789 XP, Rapier
True Vault Hunter Mode
Rewards $26010, 1955 XP, Rapier
Previous A Study in Scarlett
Game Borderlands 2
Downloadable Content Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty
Mission Type Optional mission

Message in a Bottle is a side mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • Find the Treasure
  • Open chest


Look for a false wall near the waterfalls in the objective area. It is located on a ledge behind a pair of trees and a small grouping of mushrooms. The wall has a small bottle on the ground tucked into it. Fight a Crystalisk in the secret room then find the X on the floor.


"That wasn't so hidden, after all."


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