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Bltps meteorite large

A large meteorite

Meteorites are large chunks of falling space debris that begin as meteor showers and survive impact with the surface of Elpis in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Meteor showers are encountered only in exposed areas, usually leaving behind chunks of molten hot rock which can be looted for various items dependent on the size of the meteorite.

Concordia's Public Service announcer mentions meteor showers as one of the worst hazards of space, but it is extremely rare for Vault Hunters in-game to be struck by a falling meteorite. Moreover, witnessing first-hand the meteor's impact lowers the probability of a meteorite's appearance after the small explosion clears.

Meteorite Varieties

  • Small (common) - Usually contains about 5 nuggets of gold that get treated identically to typical money. Occasionally contains 1-3 Moonstones chunks.
  • Large (rare) - Usually contains about about 7 nuggets of gold. Occasionally contains 1-3 Moonstone chunks and 1-2 Moonstone clusters.
  • Chest (very rare) - Has a small ammo chest embedded in its side that cannot be opened (it can only be smashed apart when the rest of the meteorite is broken open). Can contain several pieces of variousammunition, and can drop grenade mods and weapons of typically low (mostly white with occasional green) rarity. Can also occasionally contain the audio logs of space travelers.


Concordia's Public Service

  • This is a Public Service Announcement: Meteor showers; they're a fact of life here on Elpis, but here's a helpful tip for avoiding being squashed like a bug under a ton of flaming, falling rock; when you've got a sec, look up!

Audio logs from within chest meteorites

  • B. A. Maized: When the tiniest kernel of the universe — no bigger than a soul — gets heated in hellfire it'll pop like gunfire on a tin roof, expand into its full inheritance, truly become itself — a new salty universe puffed up, ready to be consumed into the abyss. Me? I love popcorn.

Meteorite Locations

Locations meteorites can be looted

Locations meteorites can be heard but not looted

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