Michael Mamaril is an NPC in Sanctuary. He is noted for giving out blue or rarer loot, including E-tech weapons. He also plays an integral part in the Tribute to A Vault Hunter achievement/trophy.

Mamaril offers an item that is based on the level of the current story mission (capped at about level 30 if he is first encountered after the story is completed in Normal Mode).



A map of Michael's possible locations

Michael can be found randomly at one of several spots around Sanctuary:

  • Near the newsstand in Sanctuary's main plaza
  • In an alley down the street from the front entrance to Moxxi's
  • Inside Moxxi's, near the bar
  • Inside Moxxi's, in the side room across from Sir Hammerlock
  • Inside Marcus Munitions
  • Near Claptrap's location, at the end of the street and in front of a building
  • Inside Scooter's garage, near a stack of tires under the stairs.
  • Inside Crimson Raider headquarters in the room with Tannis
  • Inside Zed's clinic
  • To the left of the door to Crazy Earl's Black Market



  • "This planet smells like vomit and gasoline. (Deep breath.) I love it."
  • "Gotta get back out there soon. There are skags that need shooting."
  • "(humming a song that sounds dissimilar enough from "ain't no rest for the wicked" to not get us sued) something something wicked…something something free…"
  • "So this is Sanctuary, huh? Nice. It's no Fyrestone, but…nice."
  • "Just finished hunting down Crawmerax Prime. Whew -- what a rush."
No Gun
  • "Sorry, don't have any more stuff for you right now."
  • "Sorry, that's all I got for now. Oh, but while you're here -- has, uh, Moxxi said anything about me?"
  • "Sory, I got no more loot on me -- if you see me again later, though, I might have somethin' for ya."
  • "If ya see me in town later, hit me up. I might have something else for ya."
  • "I'll be back around Sanctuary later -- I might have something good for ya then."
Give Gun
  • "Always good to meet another Vault Hunter. Hey -- think you could use this?"
  • "Another Vault Hunter -- cool! Hey, I don't need this anymore -- do you want it?"
  • "Howyadoin', fellow vault hunter? Oh -- I found somethin' you might want."
  • "Heya, vault hunter! I found this when I was out in the borderlands -- you want it?"
  • "I found this out in the wastes -- thought a fellow vault hunter could get some use out of it."
Gun Taken
  • "Hope it helps."
  • "That'll bust some heads."
  • "Have fun with that."
  • "Enjoy!"
  • "That got me out of some rough spots before."


  • In the unpatched console versions, Michael has a 100% spawn chance before Sanctuary is relocated, after which point his spawn rates returns to the default 10%. In the PC version, he always has the normal 10% spawn chance.
  • Based on a test of 500 trials performed by user Dark_Force9999 in Gearbox Forums, his ratio appears to be 95% blue, 4.5% purple and 0.5% orange.
  • Based on a test of 1014 trials performed by user Heycarnut posted at Gearbox forums, the ratios were 89% blue, 11% purple, 0% orange. Assuming the 0.5% orange rate inferred from an earlier test by another poster, there is only about 0.6% chance of not seeing an orange in this many drops, strongly indicating the rate may be much lower.
  • He will occasionally paraphrase a version of the opening theme from Borderlands if left alone for a while before his offered item is taken.


  • The NPC shares his name with a Borderlands fan that passed away at the age of 22, in October 2011. Michael's friend, Carlo, sent Gearbox an email requesting that a short eulogy be read by Michael's favorite character, Claptrap, to honor his late friend's memory. Gearbox also promised to include Michael in Borderlands 2 as a tributeto the late Borderlands fan.