Mick Zaford is the leader of the Zaford clan. Mick himself distinguishes himself from the other Zafords with his green bowler hat.

As the leader of the Zafords, Mick holds an antagonistic disposition towards the Hodunks, the Zafords' bitter rivals. When the Hodunks commission the Vault Hunters to crash Lucky Zaford's memorial service, it is revealed that Lucky was Mick's son.


Mick Zaford is a mission provider in his bar The Holy Spirits, and as the feud between the clans reaches its culmination, he relocates to The Dust for the final gunfight.



Main article: Clan War: Zafords vs. Hodunks



  • Mick Zaford believes that a Hodunk drowned some Zaford kids in a river, which is his reason for the feud.

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