Fast travel to The Underpass, transition to Rust Commons East, head south to the outpost Middle of Nowhere.


Find the Middle of Nowhere bounty board and Mr. Johns.
  • Bounty Board investigated: 0/1
  • Mr. Johns found: 0/1
"A once popular fuel depot in the Rust Commons was abandoned a while ago. People have taken to calling it the 'Middle of Nowhere.' There was a Bounty Board out there, but it doesn't work anymore. Go take a look at the board and see if you can find its custodian, Mr. Johns. If you were to get the board working again, you might find several jobs left over from before the malfunction."


Head to Rust Commons East, through the entrance from the Underpass Fast Travel. Follow the waypoint to the South and you will find an outpost with fences and a catwalk that crosses over the road. Investigate the bounty board and Mr. Johns is across the catwalk.


"What's that? Oh, Miss Helena sent ya! Yeah, that bounty board hasn't worked in a long time. Sure wish it did. Help bring back some traffic to the area."

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