Midge-Mong is a midget-bullymong duo in Southern Shelf - Bay.


Sir Hammerlock, intrigued by the close relationship between the pair, offers a mission to inspect and eliminate them. Midge-Mong presents a boss encounter at the end of the mission.



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  • The midget appears to be a Midget Goliath. Despite not appearing to be wearing a helmet, shooting him in the head can initiate typical raged goliath dialogue, as well as causing him to start attacking the other bandits in the area.
  • Midge-Mong has a small chance to drop the legendary Torgue assault rifle, KerBlaster.
  • Midge-Mong will always be flanked by 2 Badass Marauders.
  • The Midget's voice is the same voice of a Badass Midget or a Midget Goliath.
  • Dropped the Tinderbox and the Creamer on Day 7 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt.


  • Midge-Mong is a combination of the words "Midget" and "Bullymong." The rider midget is named Midge; his bullymong is Warmong.