Midget Psychos are Midget variant of Psychos in Borderlands 2 and spawn quite frequently in areas populated by bandits. They generally have less health than their larger cousins, but may be more difficult to hit, due to their smaller stature. They Wear cargo pants and occasionally sports rudimentary armor or tattoos, and are first encountered in Southern Shelf during the Best Minion Ever mission.




Midget Psychos charge to get into melee range with their intended victims, but are also capable of zig-zagging through terrain or performing combat rolls to avoid weapon fire. To reach their targets, they also have a leap attack that can have them whipping through the air in surprisingly long jumps. When within melee range they use the buzz-axe they carry to perform an overhand strike which is typically with a double swing pattern, followed by a pause after the second attack. If they can't find a path to get within leaping range, they stop and attack by throwing buzz-axes at their targets. Buzz-axes always respawn after being thrown, enabling the Midget Psycho to continue attacking. They will not be deterred by attacks from Vault Hunters and will continue to melee attack their target at close range until they are either killed or damaged to near death.


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