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Midget Rats are Midget variants of rats in Borderlands 2. They appear in areas populated by bandits.



Midget Rats are smaller versions of their bigger cousins, and act in combat situations just as they do. They generally have less health than their larger cousins, but may be more difficult to hit, due to their smaller stature.


  • Bloody, Crabby, Creepy, Dirty, Greedy, Sleazy and Tipsy are the only named Midget Rats in the game. They are first encountered in The Fridge during The Cold Shoulder mission.
  • Their names are references to Snow White And The Seven Dwarves, all of which have names that end with "y".
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Runty Rat, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Wee Rat

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