Sir Hammerlock: Have you heard of these insect things called varkids? Allegedly, the buggers -- that's a pun, you see -- will morph if they take enough damage. Could you take this evolutionary injector, please?

(Vault Hunter take the injector.)

Sir Hammerlock: Lovely. I'd like you to force a few varkids into morphing. While they're in their cocooned state, hit them with the injector."

(Vault Hunter travels to Tundra Express where he forces one of the varkids into morphing.)

Sir Hammerlock: Good -- now hit it with the injector, please."

(Vault Hunter injects the pod.)

Sir Hammerlock: Many view these creatures as mere cannon fodder, oblivious to their elegant design. Lovely creatures. Beautiful creatures...

(If Vault Hunter destroys cocoon before mutated varkid emerges out of it ...)

Sir Hammerlock: No, no -- you musn't kill it before it transforms.

(Mutated varkid emerges from the cocoon ...)


(Vault Hunter kills the mutated varkid.)

Sir Hammerlock: Good lord, that was hideous. Please bring me a sample of that varkid's corpse, if you would. If we're to defend against these buggers -- there's that pun again -- we must know all we can about them.

(Vault Hunter picks up mutated varkid sample.

Sir Hammerlock: I just need a few more samples such as that. Same process as before: force them to cocoon, hit them with the injector, kill them. Good luck!

(Vault Hunter collects 4 varkid samples as required.)

Sir Hammerlock: Lovely! Return to me, please.

(Vault Hunter returns to Sanctuary and turns in the mission to Sir Hammerlock.)

Sir Hammerlock: I realize we zoologists are meant to respect all of nature's creatures, but come on. Bugger looked like a pus-filled scab with wings.

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