Min Min Lighter is a legendary laser weapon manufactured by Tediore. It can be obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Special Weapon Effects

Approached but never identified. –  Always shock. Consumes 5 ammo per shot. Slow Fire rate. Shoots slow lightning balls that bounce off objects and deal damage to all enemies that near it in a great radius. Shooting the lightning ball with any other weapon results in a shock explosion.


  • The shock orbs fired by the Min Min Lighter stray very far from the crosshairs, making the weapon unreliable beyond close range even as an area-of-effect weapon.
  • The radial damage dealt by a still-traveling shock orb is equivalent to about 3.5x the listed damage of the weapon, but this inexplicably varies by 5-10% at different levels.
    • Shock explosions created by shooting a shock orb deal about 15x the weapon's listed damage in an area of affect about as large across as the area affected by an un-boosted Slam attack. The exact damage increase also fluctuates inexplicably between level brackets, but is generally between 15x and 16x.
  • Its incredibly low rate of fire can be circumvented through swapping to a different weapon, and switching back before the animation finishes. Doing this can significantly increase the damage output.


  • The name and effect of the Lighter are a reference to the Min Min lights, an unexplained phenomenon reported in eastern Australia. The phenomenon was a strange light that would "follow" tourist's cars around.


Min min lighter highlight

Min min lighter highlight