Lilith: A gang of lowlifes is out prospecting for Eridium in the Tundra Express. I want you to find out why they're mining the stuff, and I want 'em dead. Order doesn't matter.

(Vault Hunter arrives at the Mount Molehill Mine in Tundra Express.)

Lilith: You made it to the mine? Good. The miners aren't mutated, so they aren't using the stuff themselves... which means these guys are sending their Eridium somewhere. Kill 'em all and find out where.

(Vault Hunter kills all miners found at the ground level and makes his way to the upper level.)

Lilith: Now that you've wiped out the rabble, go find the head miner -- if anybody's got the info I need, it's him.

(Prospector Zeke accompanied by some bandits shows up ...)

Prospector Zeke: Tarnation!

(Vault Hunter kills Prospector Zeke and the bandits, then picks up Prospector Zeke's ECHO ...)

Mister Blake: "The Hyperion corporation wishes to offer you and your men three thousand dollars for every piece of Eridium delivered. With that kind of money, you could... consume countless alcoholic beverages, or fornicate with numerous members of the opposite, or same, sex. Whatever it is you bandits do.

Lilith: They made a deal with Hyperion? Hey, don't feel bad about wiping these idiots out -- I guarantee you Hyperion woulda done the same after the mine dried up. Go check with Tina, she's got a job for you.

(Valt Hunter head over to Tiny Tina's workshop ...)

Tiny Tina: Yo yo yo yo yooo! Let's blow stuff up!

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