(At the Abandoned Mining Site in Caustic Caverns, Vault Hunters finds an old ECHO recorder strapped to a pole.)

Harchek: I will say this only once. Your job is to escort the rock chunk to the mineral smasher, and deliver the Eridium to your supervisor. If you are caught stealing precious minerals from the digsite, you will be shot.

(Fighting the local wildlife, Vault Hunter heads over to the location indicated on the map.)

Dr. Patricia Tannis: Oh, hang on, that is an antique piece of Dahl machinery -- if you were gazing slackjawed at your feet when Sanctuary flew into the air, you might not know the Dahl corporation held a great interest in Pandora's resources, once upon a time.

(Mission objectives update: Push minecart)

(Vault hunter starts to push the minecart.)

(Mission objectives update: Push minecart to crusher. As he does, several crystalisk show up and attack.)

(Vault hunter reaches the first airlock.)

Robotic Mining: Airlock 1 reached. Please open airlock.

(Mission objectives update: Open door)

(Vault Hunter opens the door then continues to push the minecart.)

Dr. Patricia Tannis: Still escorting a minecart due to your egregious overqualification for menial labor? Fantastic! Let's hop back to story time. So, the Dahl miners found it difficult to get the Eridium off-planet, and soon found themselves wrestling with the Atlas corporation as they fought over the same resources. As it turns out, word of a Vault can travel many galaxies.

(Vault hunter reaches the second airlock.)

Robotic Mining: Airlock 2 reached. Please open airlock.

(Vault Hunter opens the door, and as the door start to open, swarm of varkids crawls out and attacks.)

Dr. Patricia Tannis: As it turns out, Dahl turned tail when the Crimson Lance showed up and flexed their various muscles. The central issue being that Dahl brought many workers here, including myself, and left without evacuating most of us. The bandits you fight out there used to be family men, workers, scientists... We're all broken because of them."

(After dealing with the innitial wave of varkids, Vault Hunter continues to push the minecart ... only to fight more varkids along the way. Eventually, he reaches another airlock.)

Robotic Mining: Airlock 3 reached. Please open airlock.

(Vault Hunter opens the airloc, then pushes the minecart into the Infested Warehouse and finally into the crusher.)

(Mission objectives update: Activate crusher, Bonus objective: Wait for crusher results)

(As the Vault Hunter waits for crusher results, there are more varkids to deal with.)

(Mission objectives update: Pick up raw Eridium 0/5)

(Vault Hunter picks up raw Eridium, turning in the mission.)

Dr. Patricia Tannis: You know, not to stifle your menial victories with deep enlightened thought, but one must assume a deeper connection between the demon-spewing Vault and the limitless Eridium in this planet. Perhaps someday I will uncover these secrets and, further down the line, invent a dance based around sneezing.

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