MinionTrap's Assault Rifle, appearing at first glance in-game as a non-elemental white-rarity Smooth Carbine, is manufactured by Dahl and spawns exclusively with Dahl parts. It differs from an actual Smooth Carbine in its unusually high damage output when compared to many other assault rifles of its level, even many purple-rarity weapons.

It is normally unobtainable by the player and is only used by Claptrap's MinionTrap while using VaultHunter.EXE's MinionTrap action package, but can be obtained for the player's use via third-party programs.


  • This gun cannot be obtained by legitimate means. This particular weapon can only be obtained through third party programs or by trading with someone who hacked it into their game.
  • Apparently, the weapon deletes itself from the player's inventory when switching between playthroughs (i.e. TVHM to UVHM).


  • The game's files treats the weapon as a white-rarity Smooth Carbine, the only way to tell at first-glance being its unusually high damage per shot, along with the presence of a scope, which white-rarity Dahl assault rifles can't have.
  • This weapon has fixed parts (all of them Dahl) and cannot spawn with an element or accessories. In addition, it cannot have a luneshine accessory even if modified via third-party programs.

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