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Momma's boys are a group of bikers run by Motor Momma found only in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage.


Also known as Momma's Gang by graffiti, are a gang of bikers led by Motor Momma. Like Motor Momma, they are cannibalistic in nature and, other than supplying force for her, also act as food, stated by Moxxi. They are always wearing purple and green clad clothing.


Momma's boys can be very dangerous to fight in a small area. They will try to surround the player if they can, or use brute force from the front. It's best to find cover and use widespread weapons with high damage, like a shotgun or a MIRV grenade. If that can't be done, then it's best to try picking off the biggest threats with an assault or sniper rifle, and then taking out the weaker targets with concentrated fire.

Momma's Boys Units

  • Momma's Biker - These purple and green-clad bikers fight with automatic weapons or sniper rifles.
  • Momma's Enforcer - Momma's Enforcers wear purple pants and singlets, matched by a purple bandanna on their heads. They wrap pale green chains around their necks and left thigh to complement the green of their gloves and boots, and to complete the image of being among Momma's boys. They carry a shotgun in each hand, and a most often found in the Southern Raceway.
  • Badass Momma's Enforcer - Badass Momma's Enforcers are tougher opponents than regular Momma's Enforcers, although look much the same. They fight with just one assault rifle clutched in their right hand.
  • Momma's Gremlin - These purple and green-clad midget bikers fight with shotguns or sniper rifles.
  • Momma's Rioter - Momma's Rioters wear purple pants, purple and green arm coverings and green piranha masks. They are most common among Momma's boys in the Southern Raceway.

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