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Money is the most common currency on Pandora, referred to as dollars. Money is tracked by a counter in the player-character's inventory.

Gaining Money

Money can be acquired by

Spending Money

Money can be spent by

  • Purchasing items from vending machines.
  • Paying the mandatory reconstruction fee after character death, which is 7% of the player's total money.
  • Relocating skill points (respecing)
  • Tour of the world's largest bullet (The Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC only)
  • Looking through telescopes.
  • Using one of Moxxi's slot machines.


  • Money is extremely plentiful in Borderlands. Money should be no object to any player of mid to high level, barring a spectacular death streak causing several taxing reconstruction fees.
  • [Borderlands] The money counter in the player's inventory will not display beyond $9,999,999 dollars, although any more money will still be acquired (up to $2,147,483,648), if not shown. This also applies to item prices in stores.
    • Players wishing to know exactly (+/- 7) how much money their characters have (and who don't mind losing 7% of it) may calculate this from the death of their characters. The 7% reconstruction fee will be displayed on the left of the screen along with the New-U message. The character's money before and after the reconstruction can be calculated as follows: money = fee*100/7 before or fee*93/7 after.
    • The Borderlands LCD display for the Logitech G19 keyboard will show the correct money total even if it is above $9,999,999 (up to $2,147,483,648).
  • In Borderlands 2, the money is limited to $99,999,999 and will not increase beyond that. Money is still 'auto-collected', but has no effect. (It is similar to picking up Eridium when carrying 500 stacks.)
  • Mordecai's skill Swipe will cause enemies to drop extra money, in addition to extra ammunition and healing items.
  • Brick's skill Prize Fighter has a chance to cause enemies to drop money.
  • The mandatory reconstruction fee will be waived if the character has less than seven dollars.
  • Money in-game appears in five forms: a small stack of money, a larger stack of money, a Marcus bobblehead (which gives much more money than the other two), a skag pearl and crytals dropped from a Crystalisk. The light that comes from the top is colored a dark yellow.



The most expensive revive on Pandora


"Out of control" money counter

The amount of money is stored as a 32-bit signed integer, limiting the amount of money on one character to $2,147,483,647. If a character holds this amount, any item sold to vending machines will result in no money returned. However, if the character picks up money from dead enemies, lockers, trash bins, etc., this will cause the digits of the money counter to spin out of control as the game tries to display negative 2,147,483,648. Any deaths after this point will produce a message that it costs $-2,147,483,648 for the revive, thereby returning money to $0.

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