(Vault Hunter accepts the mission.)

Dr. Zed: I eed-nay more odyparts-bay. Say othing-nay to any... anyone-ay... any-ay... one... look, just don't say nothing to nobody.

(Mission objectives update: Collect rakk parts 0/4)

(Vault Hunter goes out, kills some rakks and collects their parts.)

Dr. Zed: Take that, you stupid rakk! Try droppin' a deuce on my outrunner NOW!

(Mission objectives update: Collect skag parts 0/4)

(Vault Hunter kills some skags and collects their parts.)

Dr. Zed: Man, those skags have no idea what I got planned for 'em. It's pretty much gonna be off the chain.

(Mission objectives update: TURN IN!)

(Vault Hunter returns to Dr. Zed and turns in the mission.)

Dr. Zed: Ewwww! Why are you giving me all these bloody limbs that I in no way asked for?! Please, take these hundred dollar bills as a sign of my disgust!

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