Moonface is an unique aftermarket shotgun in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by Jakobs. The Moonface is obtained from the mission Red, Then Dead located in Lunar Launching Station.

Special Effect

What a BOOMING smile you have. – Projectiles fire in a smiley face pattern, with low velocity and a lazy sine oscillation trajectory through the air. Pellets deal non-elemental damage, with 50% explosive splash on impact.

Usage & Description

The Moonface is an interesting shotgun, and one of the only weapons in the game capable of inflicting elemental and non-elemental damage simultaneously. Due to its dichotomous combination of damage types, its effective damage potential is much higher than what is listed, or even what a second glance may imply. Because no known enemy resists both explosive and non-elemental damage, it can be used in virtually any situation effectively.


Moonface Shot Pattern

The shot pattern

  • Because it inflicts both explosive and non-elemental damage, it receives the full benefits of effects improving either one.
  • The Moonface can spawn with the increased pellet count accessory but the additional pellets spawn on top of the already existing ones, similar to the Blockhead.