The Moonscaper is a unique shotgun manufactured by Torgue. It is obtainable by buying the Tales from the Borderlands Season Pass and can be gotten from the Shift Vending Machine in Concordia.

Special Weapon Effects

Get off my moon lawn! – Fires 5 grenades in the shape of a square, and if shot at the ground, they will slowly rise and then explode, but explode immediately when they touch an enemy. Increased reload speed and Accuracy.

Usage & Description

See also: Landscaper

Despite featuring High accuracy (normally around 90.0), it's square shaped projectile spread make it hard for the projectile to connect with an enemy unless the user is at point blank range, making it useless against flying targets. Players should instead make use of its unique ability to set up "mines" on a surface, and lead enemies into the blast radius.

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