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Moonstone is a valuable mineral found on Elpis that is used as a form of currency in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It can be dropped from slain enemies and bosses as either a single Moonstone, or as a four-piece Moonstone Cluster.

Moonstone Uses

  • Buying ammunition, bank and backpack SDUs at Crazy Earl's Black Market in Concordia.
  • As an enhancer for Grinder recipes, guaranteeing the best possible outcome and occasionally gifting Luneshine effects to the produced weapon.
  • A cost of 40 moonstones to open white Moonstone Chests.
  • A cost of 20 moonstones (spread across 4 totems at the Vault's entrance in Eleseer) for each spawn of The Invincible Sentinel.
  • A cost of 10 (Normal Mode) or 20 (True and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode) moonstones to buy Moxx-tails (temporary buffs such as health/ammo regeneration, increased melee damage or reduced oxygen consumption) at Moxxi's Up Over Bar in Concordia.


  • In comparison to Eridium, moonstone's equivalent in Borderlands 2, moonstone is dropped much more frequently, with most Badass enemies dropping at least 5 moonstones, and The Sentinel dropping on average 40-60.
  • Possibly moonstones have extra-elpisian origin, because aside of mob drops and chests they are found only in meteorites (the large variety) — from single piece to several clusters, and not mentioned as being mined anywhere on the moon.
  • It is not possible to collect Moonstones in excess of 500 per character.

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