More History of Simulated Violence is an optional mission in Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack Two: Digistruct Peak Challenge.

It is esentially the same as the previous mission, but the enemies are leveled higher, based on what Overpower Level it is played at.



"Gauntlets, gore and godhood await!"

  • Assemble to begin the training
  • Kill enemies
  • Continue to the next area
  • Kill more enemies
  • Kill more enemies still
  • Befriend enemies just kidding kill them
    • Pick up Snow Onions 0/5 (optional)
  • Proceed to the elevator exit.


Main article: A History of Simulated Violence


"Congratulations, You've successfully killed a bunch of simulated living organisms. And also in the gauntlet."

Turn In: Tannis


28550 XP, Weapon

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