Mothrakk is a massive rakk, encountered in the mission Like A Moth To Flame, that terrorizes the people living in the Arid Badlands.


Main article: Like A Moth To Flame


  • After the second playthrough, Mothrakk may drop a higher level version of The Blister. However, due to the flying nature of the boss, the loot dropped will be scattered around a large area and some drops may fall in inaccessible places.
  • Killing Mothrakk with knockback weapons can cause it to float off into the distance and stick to the edge of the environment-dome.


  • Mothrakk is a reference to Mothra of the Godzilla franchise, but instead of firing lightning bolts, it shoots fireballs.
  • Mothrakk is generally regarded as one of the most annoying bosses in Borderlands by many players, as her fireballs destroy vehicles quickly, and while she may not be 'hard', she can be tedious to kill.
  • Mothrakk can respawn when the torches are reapproached.
  • The Son of Mothrakk can be fought in Borderlands 2 in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve after the completion of Wildlife Preservation.

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