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A walking arsenal of machine and muscle
Title Motorhead
Gender Male
Race Reanimated Human
Faction Bandit

Motorhead features as the final boss for the mission Little People, Big Experiments, given by Thirsty the Midget.


Sledge has been brought back to life and "improved" through unknown means by midget scientists. During the mission "Little people, Big Experiments" the Vault hunters are forced to hunt down rumours about the now renamed and very mad Motorhead, and eventually kill him.


The area where Motorhead spawns is constricted and offers little by way of cover. Mobility is very important for this fight. Motorhead has a very small critical hit location below the gatling gun that replaced his head. The chance at finding this area is very low due the armor around his chest. Motorhead is heavily armored and is resistant to most damage but corrosive. Keeping him from using his gatling gun attack is the safest way to finish him off. Keep Motorhead dazed by using skill-based attacks while staying mobile, aim for critical hits to make him flinch, and keep on the elemental damage on, as the elemental damage tics will cause him to flinch as well.


  • Motorhead is known to drop the combat rifle The Chopper on rare occasions.
  • One of the loot midgets needed for the achievement is in the same room as Motorhead, and is named Dumpster Diver.
  • Motorhead is vulnerable to incendiary damage due to exposed flesh as well as corrosive damage due to his mechanization. These DoT effects can also be extremely useful, as Motorhead flinches often when taking damage.
  • Motorhead's health will regenerate if not kept under constant attack.
  • Motorhead respawns every 15 minutes.
  • The turret head and the body are treated as separate targets by the game, so a Hunter who has invested skill points into Bird of Prey can have their Bloodwing attack Motorhead multiple times per use.
  • Motorhead appears to speak (in a sense) out of a megaphone located where his head once was.
  • After finishing The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, Motorhead gives around 63,000 xp and nearly 80,000 xp per kill with a +25% team xp Leader COM, allowing for easy levelling of weapon proficiencies


  • Motorhead is likely a reference to the band Motörhead, famous for their song, "Ace of Spades".
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