My Balloons! Those are my Balloons! is a location-based challenge in Claptastic Voyage. To perform this challenge in Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K, it is required to pop all the balloons in the area. It is worth 5 Badass Rank.


Bltps claptastic challenge my balloons map

Locations of all twelve balloons

There are twelve balloons in total. To pop the balloons, simply damage them with action skill, weapon, grenade, or melee. Balloons can also be popped by enemy fire or by barrel explosions. The majority of the balloons are found in the main town of Overlook itself, and are easy to spot, but a few are outside of the town's limits.

  1. Directly outside the entrance to the level, on a billboard.
  2. Further down the road towards Overlook, also on a billboard.
  3. On top of the Overlook town sign.
  4. On the edge of a raised platform with a shack.
  5. On the fence outside the most central building in Overlook.
  6. On the stair railing on the most central building in Overlook.
  7. On top of the most central building in Overlook.
  8. On the fence surrounding Dave's shack.
  9. On the edge of a platform overlooking the scenery and the arena.
  10. On the edge of a platform overlooking the scenery.
  11. On a fence on an island leading to the Holy Spirits
  12. On a fence right outside the Holy Spirits itself. (Depending on the configured object draw distance, this balloon might not be visible from Overlook itself.)


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