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My Main Squeeze
My Main Squeeze
Go on, give it a squeeze.
Challenge Data
Requirements None
Badass Points 4
Location The Rustyards


My Main Squeeze is a challenge found in The Rustyards in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. Players are tasked with locating five dolls belonging to Herbert.


  • 1 doll is found in the Rusty Cog, first freighter near the bridge that leads to the anchor elevator. It is in the third (northernmost) section of the freighter, on the ledge most easily accessed via the upper level of the middle section, tucked into the corner behind the crates on the right as the player comes through the hatchway.
  • 2 dolls are in Herbert's hut.
  • 1 doll is in the stern of the small boat perched in the center of the canyon (where Herbert's tapes are initially before being scattered across the map), behind the cabin.
  • 1 doll is found in the room near the bottle for the Message In A Bottle mission for that area.

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