N00b Cannon is a location-based challenge in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. To perform this challenge in Magny's Lighthouse, the bandit turret must be found and used. It is worth 4 Badass Rank.


The turret is on a platform suspended out past the edge of the cliff near the elevator to the top of Magny's Lighthouse. A switch nearby activates the crane holding it and moves it to the cliff edge so that it can then be accessed in order to use it.

The cannon can provide a useful addition to the firepower of any Vault Hunters while they scale the tower for the mission Let There Be Light, as this particular location provides a defensive holdout battle against multiple waves of sand pirates when the elevator lever is activated. In particular, characters with a high ammunition consumption rate, and a limited ammunition supply, can benefit from the temporary cessation of ammo expenditure that the turret provides.

  • The button to activate the cannon.
  • The button map location


  • Activating the switch and waiting for platform with the cannon to get into position completes the challenge; using the turret is not required.


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