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New Haven resident with a beer helmet

NPCs, short for Non-Player Characters, generally fall into two main areas: static, friendly characters that offer missions and/or generic dialogue responses; and mobile, hostile NPCs - enemies, and often game bosses - with a small amount of unique text or voiced dialogue to give them flavour.

Notable NPCs




  • Claptrap - A small robot that introduces players to the game.


Borderlands 2


  • Angel - The Guardian Angel from Borderlands returns to continue her cryptic machinations.
  • Brick - One of the original Vault Hunters and a former Crimson Raider, now a leader of the Slab bandit gang.
  • Crazy Earl - The shut-in proprietor of Sanctuary's Black Market.
  • Captain Scarlett - Benefactor and antagonist pirate leader in Wurmwater.
  • Dr. Zed - Sanctuary's "doctor".
  • Ellie - Moxxi's daughter and Scooter's sister, mechanic for the Vault Hunters.
  • Handsome Jack - President of Hyperion and the game's main antagonist.
  • Herbert - Ex-pirate, lecher, and hermit.
  • Lilith - One of the original Vault Hunters and the co-leader of the Crimson Raiders.
  • Mad Moxxi - Bar hostess for Moxxi's in Sanctuary.
  • Marcus Kincaid - The arms dealer from the first game based in Sanctuary.
  • Michael Mamaril - A mysterious item distributor who visits Sanctuary from time to time.
  • Mick Zaford - Publican and head of the Zaford clan.
  • Mordecai - One of the original Vault Hunters and a scout for the Crimson Raiders.
  • Patricia Tannis - Former Dahl scientist working for the Crimson Raiders.
  • Roland - One of the original Vault Hunters and the leader of the Crimson Raiders.
  • Scooter - Sanctuary's resident engineer and mechanic.
  • Shade - Deranged and thirsty survivor of Oasis.
  • Sir Hammerlock - A travelling hunter on research expeditions for his almanac.
  • Tector & Jimbo Hodunk - Redneck speedway owners and heads of the Hodunk clan.


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