The Natural Selection Annex or Creature Slaughter Dome is another Circle of Slaughter map. It is located to the right of the vending machines after entering the first structure in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve with the collapsed telescope (eastern end of the map). It could originally only be accessed by purchasing a pre-order copy of Borderlands 2 from certain retailers that came with a special key for the DLC. It was released on December 12, 2012 as paid DLC and as a part of the Borderlands 2: GOTY Edition release on October 8, 2013. Entering without it is still possible if a pre-order or paid owner's game is joined. If the mission is obtained but not completed this way, access is granted independently until mission completion.

The arena itself is a mixture of all animal habitats in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, featuring slag ponds and stalker goo as well as varkid hives and skag holes.





Creature Slaughter: Round 1

The round starts with a skag and a spiderant wave, the remaining waves are skags and spiderants simultaneously. On normal mode, the enemy level is 25. The round ends after 3 waves.

Creature Slaughter: Round 2

The second round consists of skags and varkids, mostly with level 26. The round will end with after killing a super-badass varkid in wave 5, even if there are other enemies left. There is a possibility of this round spawning 1 or 2 level 27 Ultimate Badass varkids after the super badass is killed.

Creature Slaughter: Round 3

This round has mostly skags and spiderants ranging from level 27 to 29, but in wave 2, Bedrock bullymongs will make their first appearance in normal mode. Similar to crystalisks, they should be killed with critical hits, as their bodies are almost immune to physical damage. The round ends after 4 waves.

Creature Slaughter: Round 4

This round's enemies are a mixture of varkid, skag, spiderants and additionally, threshers and stalkers with levels of 28 to 30. Special caution should be paid to elemental badass skags, who can buff regular skags with elemental capabilities as well. The round ends after 4 waves.

Creature Slaughter: Round 5

The final round holds a mix of all creatures with a level of up to 31. The most notable enemy here is a badass Pyre thresher. A good strategy is to shoot the critical hit zones of it's tentacles with high fire rate SMGs or shotguns. As a reward for completing the final wave, you will receive Miss Moxxi's Creamer, a rocket launcher that converts some damage dealt to health.



  • Skags and spiderants will spawn continuously inside the arena, not just during fight rounds. Thus, the arena is good place to complete the respective kill challenges.
  • Animals in the arena will not attack each other.
  • A Vault Hunter can get locked permanently in the spawning area. If the character is alone and dies after going to the meeting point but prior activating the switch (e.g. suiciding with a rocket launcher) it will respawn on the area for eliminated characters but the round won't count as failed, therefore effectively locking the character as the elevator will be disabled. The remedy is to save and exit.
  • Retailers that sold the pre-order DLC:
    • United States (and parts of Europe) - GameStop
    • United Kingdom - GAME UK
    • Australia / New Zealand - EB Games
    • France - Micromania
    • Germany - World of Games
    • Spain - GAME ES

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