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A Necrophage in Caustic Caverns

The Necrophage is a plant most commonly found within the Caustic Caverns. Its look is similar to that of a single firemelon, but rather than red it is green with spike spores that serve as projectiles if the plant is disturbed by any damage effect (e.g. gunfire, explosions, auras, melee).

It's name consists of two Greek prefixes; "necro" (meaning corpse) and phage (meaning eater) accurately describing it as a caustic type of explosive device. Though it is registered as an enemy and a level, the Necrophage does not even appear on the minimap, in or out of combat. The Necrophage cannot be shot or killed to give its expected Caustic explosion; Rather the bulb will eject into the air and launch three caustic projectiles (directly in front, and to the left and right of said bulb) that home into enemies. You can shoot the projectile while it is in the air and even when it is still on the plant.

The Necrophage can also be shot by enemies, making the projectiles that come out of it home into players.

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