Lance Scapelli: Hey, you! The Bloodshots just crippled my last courier, Dino. I'll pay ya if you mail these packages out quick enough.

Lance Scapelli: Grab the packages when you're ready to deliver 'em, kid.

(Vault Hunter grabs the packages and starts delivering them ...)

(If Vault Hunter fails to deliver the packages on time ...)

Lance Scapelli: Too slow! Go back and get more packages. Dino coulda made those deliveries faster than you, and he got stabbed in the spine!

(If Vault Hunter manages to deliver the packages on time ...)

Lance Scapelli: That's what I wanted to see! Unfortunately, you're fired, 'cause Dino's recovered enough to get back on his route.

Dino: I haven't recovered, you just duct-taped my legs to these pogo sticks!

Lance Scapelli: Fit as a fiddle, he is! Anyway, kid, your severance is in the mail.

Dino: Boss, I can't feel my legs.

Lance Scapelli: Don't be such a Negative Nancy, Dino! Walk it off!

Dino: That makes literally no sense.

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