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Fry neogenator
I am impenetrable!
Manufacturer: Anshin
Model: Neogenator
Game: Borderlands 2
Special Part(s):
Possible Spawn Part:
[Neogenator Variants]

The Neogenator is a Legendary Adaptive Shield manufactured by Anshin. Neogenator is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Spycho located in Frostburn Canyon. It also has an increased chance to drop from Sully the Blacksmith in TK Baha's Bloody Harvest.

Special Shield Effects

For an impenetrable shield stand inside yourself – Increased max health and health regeneration. High elemental resistance. Lowered shield capacity.

Usage & Description

The Neogenator offers health regeneration that scales inversely with remaining shield capacity, but stops if the shield is depleted. Damage caused while the shield is active increases health regeneration.

The Neogenator is better suited for prolonged combat in which the wearer is constantly taking, and recovering from, damage. It cannot survive "alpha-strikes", such as from rocket launchers or raid boss attacks, as well as other shields.

The Seraph shield Evolution works similarly to the Neogenator with the difference that the Evolution has greater capacity (for equivalent shields of same level and components, the Evolution doubles the Neogenator capacity), with the drawback of having slightly longer recharge delay and inferior recharge rate. Both shields carry the same health boost, regeneration, and elemental resistance, provided they have the same components.

As with all adaptive shields, when initially equipped the Neogenator has no elemental resistance. It will not adopt an elemental resistance until after taking elemental damage. The shield loses its resistance after depletion.


  • The red text is a quote by the American philosopher Henry David Thoreau.

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