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Nine-Toes: Meet T.K. Baha

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Talk to T.K. Baha at T.K.'s Claim.


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  • T.K. Baha met
"There's a reward for the death of Nine-Toes, but he's elusive. We don't really know where his hideout is. Talk to T.K. Baha at his farm south of Fyrestone. He's blind as a bat, but no one knows the area better than he does. Maybe he can help."


Dr. Zed says that in order to kill Nine-Toes, information on his hideout will need to be obtained from T.K. Baha. The mission marker south of Fyrestone points the way to T.K.'s house, and talking to Baha completes the mission.


"Who's there?! Oh, new kid in town, eh? The name's T.K. Baha. Wait! I think I heard somethin'..."

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