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Border midget shield
Give me your damn loot!
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Bandit
Game Borderlands 2
Appearances Borderlands 2

Nomads are a type of enemy in Borderlands 2. They are slow-moving bandits with high health. Some nomads wield large, bulletproof shields that provide nearly full cover. Most nomads will only carry a gun whereas others will dual wield a pair of guns.


  • Nomad - The basic nomad. Nomads wield assault rifles and will slowly advance towards their targets and rarely seek cover. They can knock back an enemy with an over-the-shoulder melee attack.
  • Nomad Pyro - Fire-resistant nomads who use a short-range flamethrower to attack their enemies and set them on fire. When an enemy is outside of the flamethrower's range, they switch to assault rifles. They are found primarily in Frostburn Canyon. They also wear a fuel tank on their back that explodes like a grenade when destroyed, instantly killing the nomad and damaging anything nearby. Pyros are highly resistant to fire elemental attacks, but their packs have no such defense.
  • Shock-Nomadic - Shock-resistant nomads with Tesla coils sticking up over their shoulders, which supply them with shields and can quickly drain the shield of any enemy that draws too close. From a distance they use assault rifles and occasional shock grenades. Like the Pyro, the Shock-Nomadic's pack can be shot, however shooting it does not result in an explosion. Instead, shooting the pack causes it to arc lightning onto anything nearby, and disables the Shock-Nomadic's shield in the process. They will give orders to nearby bandits.
  • Nomad Torturer - Nomads with a Psycho Midget chained to their shield to absorb incoming bullets. The midget can be freed by shooting the three chains that bind it to the shield. After the midget has been freed it will usually turn around and attack the Torturer until it is either killed or it kills its previous captor. However, if a Vault Hunter is close enough to the midget when freed, the midget may instead attack the Vault Hunter first. Freeing the midget also reveals a small hole in the shield that attackers can fire through to damage the nomad. Aside from using assault rifles, they can also unleash a powerful shield bash when in melee range. Freeing the midget commonly causes the Torturer to use this attack on the midget, providing players a relatively easy opening to attack. When enough bullets are unleashed on the nomad's shields, they will occasionally flinch, fall back and raise their shield, also giving attackers an easy opportunity to attack the nomad. They give orders just like the Taskmaster.
  • Nomad Taskmaster - Nomads who give orders to the other bandits in the area, improving their combat effectiveness but potentially letting alert players prepare for the imminent shift in tactics. Like the Torturer, the Taskmaster carries a heavy shield that can deflect bullets. However, instead of a midget being strapped to the front, the Taskmaster's shield is outfitted with additional armor plating. This armor plating can also be shot off with enough bullets or explosives. After this armor plating is removed, attackers can shoot the Taskmaster through the hole in their shield.
  • Marshall- Duster-clad nomads that appear in Lynchwood. About five will appear near the bank when the bank is blown up during and after Breaking the Bank.
  • Sheriff's Posse - Duster-clad nomads that appear in Lynchwood during the story. They appear during the showdown with the Sheriff, in front of the bank, and sometimes throughout the area riding armored skags.
  • Badass Nomad

    Badass Nomad

    Badass Nomad - Nomad with a spiked shield that causes extra melee damage. As with Taskmasters, they will give orders to nearby bandits.
  • Heavy Nomad (TVHM) - Rarer version of nomads that carry launchers.
  • Midget Raider (TVHM) - Behaves like a normal nomad, but midget-sized. They are found in Lynchwood, Sawtooth Cauldron and Fink's Slaughterhouse, and speak the usual nomad dialogue in a high pitched voice.

Taskmaster Commands

  • Take cover boys!/Get behind something, idiots!/Put your damn heads down! - Enemies will take cover.
  • Charge him/her boys!/Charge!/Overrun 'em! - Enemies will behave like a Psycho and run into melee range to attack targets.
  • Toss grenades!/'Nades, now!/Throw grenades! - Enemies will throw grenades at targets.
  • Shoot the short guy!/Shoot the 'zerker!/Everybody kill the short guy! - Enemies will focus on Salvador.
  • Kill the ninja thing/guy!/Get that Assassin!/Get the tall one! - Enemies will focus Zer0.
  • Kill the hot chick!/I want that Siren dead!/Get rid of the magic chick!/Men! Take out the Siren! - Enemies will focus on Maya.
  • Kill that Mechromancer!/The little girl! Kill her!/Somebody shut that Mechromancer down!/The Mechro-chick! Get her! - Enemies will focus on Gaige.
  • The Commando! Get him!/Tear the Commando Apart!/Rip up that Commando! - Enemies will focus on Axton.
  • Focus on that Slagger! - Enemies will focus on whoever applied the Slag effect.
  • I want that sucker dead!/Pop that jackhole's head open like a grape!

Notable Nomads



  • Quit making me work for it!
  • Drop your gear, I'll let you go!
  • Dibs on their scalps!
  • Well, who's this?
  • I'll make a coat outta ya!
  • You won't last two minutes!
  • I want everything you got!
  • Just leave!
  • Leave us alone!
  • Gimme your damn loot!
  • I'll survive, you won't!
  • You should be runnin'!
  • Look at all that gear!
  • Some nice gear ya got!
  • Just DIE already!
  • Die, midget lover!
  • You're worse than a midget!
  • You can still run!
  • Midget loving taint-sacks!
  • Get 'em, boys!
  • I'm gonna pick your corpse clean!
  • I got no time for this!
  • This one's mine!
  • You're nothin'! Nothin'!
  • Make this easy on yourself!
  • Here's the winder!! (when using a melee attack)
  • Shut up, tiny! (spoken by Nomad Torturers on rare occasions when their captive midgets squeal in fright)
  • Shut the hell up! (spoken by Nomad Torturers on rare occasions when their captive midgets squeal in fright)


  • Don't scavenge my stuff...
  • But, my gear...
  • Midget lover...
  • I miss my midget...
  • At least I won't have to deal with you people anymore...
  • Bury me with my stuff...
  • Leave me alone...
  • Been waiting for this...
  • Hell...
  • Fine...good...
  • This is the end...
  • Why...

Player fleeing

  • I ain't followin' you!
  • Stayin' back here!
  • That's the idea!
  • Yeah, runnin' away!
  • You'd better run!

Player crippled

  • Freaking finally!
  • I told you to leave us alone!
  • Almost as bad as the midgets!

When attacked

  • Aw nuts. (when slagged)
  • Slag? Really?! (when slagged)
  • Slagging bitch! (when slagged)
  • Augh, disgusting! (when slagged)
  • Lay off!
  • How?!
  • Son of a ... bitch!
  • Damn bastard...
  • Stop it!
  • You bitch!

Nearby when Goliath is attacked

  • What are you doing!
  • No! You'll rage him!
  • He'll rage out!
  • Stop it, you moron!
  • No, not the helmet!
  • We put the helmet on for a reason!
  • You're almost as dumb as the midgets!
  • Leave it on!
  • Keep the helmet on!
  • Don't shoot the helmet! 
  • We can't stop him!

Nearby when Goliath goes into rage mode

  • Everybody run!
  • He's angry!
  • Start runnin'!
  • He's loose!
  • Who took off his helmet!?
  • He's free! He's free!

During Goliath's rage

  • We can't stop him!
  • Kill it! KILL IT!
  • We're gonna die!
  • We're dead!
  • Goliath? I-I order you to stop!

Fighting escaped midget

  • Midget on the loose!
  • Get back on the shield!
  • My midget!
  • They freed my midget!
  • Shoulda never let you free!
  • I will end you!
  • I knew I shoulda killed you!
  • That was your last chance!
  • Kill the midget!
  • You're going back in your box!
  • You're not getting fed this month!
  • I will kill you, short stuff!
  • I will break you, pint size!
  • I friggin' HATE midgets!

Losing shield

  • Shield's gone!
  • Lost my shields!
  • Lucky sonofabitch!
  • My shield!
  • Quit screwin' my shields!
  • Shields are down!
  • You're pissin' me off!

Mortally wounded

  • Just... end it already...
  • I'm so sick of this...
  • Wounded again...great...!
  • I... don't... die...
  • Keep trying...!

Ally's demise

  • He owed me rations!
  • Ha ha!
  • Serves him right!

When grenade is thrown

  • Aw crap.
  • Huh?
  • Grenade!
  • Oh! Grenade!
  • Dammit!
  • What?!

When Buzzard(s) appear

  • We got gyros in the air!
  • Took ya long enough!
  • Strafe 'em already!
  • We got gyros, we're fine!

When Buzzard pilots die

  • You suck, pilot!
  • Learn to fly!
  • Worst pilot ever!
  • Where's our air support!?
  • You fly, they can't! What's your problem!?

When Zer0's Decepti0n fades out

  • That was a decoy you morons!
  • The real one! Get the real one!
  • How'd he move so fast?
  • Crap! It was just a hologram!
  • Idiots! You can't tell a person from a hologram?!
  • It's an illusion! The real one is over there!
  • He was tricking us!
  • Shoot the real one!
  • Damn it, he fooled us!

When Axton throws down a turret

  • Look out!
  • What the?!
  • Nice turret!
  • That ain't gonna help you!
  • W'the hell is that?!
  • I want one of those!
  • It'll take more than that!

When Phaselocked by Maya

  • What's this crap?!
  • Frickin' witch thing!
  • What the hell?
  • Put me down!
  • Let me down, NOW!
  • Whoa... WHOA!
  • Lemme down!

When Salvador Gunzerks

  • One gun wasn't enough!
  • You and me 'zerker!
  • I'll survive this!
  • Two guns?! So what?
  • Show me what you've got 'zerker!
  • What the hell?
  • 'Zerker's doublin' up!
  • Bring it on, 'zerker!

When Gaige summons Deathtrap

  • Stop that bot!
  • Cute robot!
  • Don't sweat it boys, just a dumb machine!
  • The hell is that thing?
  • Scrap that bot!
  • We don't take kindly to bots around here!
  • The bot! Somebody wreck it!
  • Don't break that bot! We could use it!


  • Nomads detest midgets, choosing to affix them to the front of their shield to show their hatred for them.
  • Whenever a nomad issues a command, he will always lift his shield to the side, exposing his body.



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