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(Accept mission)

Springs: I've picked up an old distress signal in the Outlands. Someone might need help, but maybe there's bonza salvage out there instead! Uploading the co-ords to your ECHO device now.

Springs: Bet I'm not the only one hearing beacons. With all the ships that rained out the skies during the Crackening... well, there was a lot of distress and not much relief. If other "parties" think there's salvage in the offing, thy'll be dipping their snouts into the trough too.

(Enter Outlands Spur)

Springs: The atmosphere around here's odd, eh? Wonder what all that stuff being vented into it is. When I was a kid I used to think that's where nightmares came from -- so I used to try to hold my breath. Yeah, turns out that doesn't work. Keep it light Springs!

(Approach cave system)

Springs: This place gives me the creeps. I mean even the rocks look like they want to stab you to death. Not that much lighter, is it? What is wrong with me today? That's to me -- not you.

(Enter cave)

Boomer: Oi, Vault Hunter! That loot's ours! Take 'em, boys!

Springs: What'd I tell ya about these snouts?

(Enter Cave Canem)

Springs: The signal's coming from whatever remains of that structure up there.

(Approach structure)

Springs: Wow! This place got ripped a new skylight, eh?! They won't be getting their deposit back.

(Approach Amelia)

Amelia: Shhh! Stay quiet! Try not to make too much noise! You got my signal, eh?! Good! I've been chased here by a gang of scavs led by some gear-head named Boomer. They want my head on a stick for stealing their ill-gotten loot! I holed up here to make a stand, and then realized there are too many to...

Amelia: Here they come! Head down there, help me fight 'em off! I'll drop as many as I can from up here -- yeah, come an' get some, Boomer!

(Survive first attack)

Springs: Who's this you've become fast friends with?

Amelia: Amelia's the name, adventuring's my game! That's on my new business card. Bit twee?

Springs: I like it! But then I don't know what twee means. I'm Janey Springs. Do you think you'll survive this shoot out?

Amelia: I hope so! Otherwise I've got three hundred business cards that won't ever get used.

Springs: You could send me an ECHOnet version because... ...pretend I said something witty. I'd like your number.

Amelia: Well then, okay, Janey Springs -- it's yours.

(Survive second attack)

Boomer: Well, well, lil' girly has herself a pet Vault Hunter! Think yer pooch is gonna save you, princess? You stole from me, and that means the big dark for you!

Amelia: Can't steal from a thief, Boomer! If you want it back, come and get it!

(Kill Boomer)

Amelia: First and last time I date a pilot.

(Survive third attack)

Amelia: Great! Come back up -- you've earned your reward.

(Turn in)

Amelia: So, listen, since you helped me it's only fair I split my loot with you. You want to kill, or not be killed? Take your pick.

Amelia: Thanks again. I'd better get going, before any more of those scavs catch up!

  • Athena (if present): Looks like you lost out this time -- but thanks for the pointer!
  • Wilhelm (if present): So you go empty-handed this time.
  • Nisha (if present): Tough break, honey. You get nothing this time.
  • Claptrap (if present): Awwwww! I got something, but you didn't!
  • Jack2 (if present): Sucks to be you, Springs -- you got zip this time.
  • Aurelia (if present): Sorry you didn't receive anything, Miss Springs.

Springs: What are you talking about? I got something alright! I got Amelia's number! "Nothing" is never an option.

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