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(Accept mission)

Springs: So, I locked some of my stuff in a safe to keep it outta Deadlift's hands. Now that he's dead, you're gonna open the safe for me.

Springs: Here, follow me.

Springs: Just open this chest and you'll have yourself a nova shield.

(Pick up shield)

Springs: Unfortunately, I forgot the combo to my safe, so you're just gonna have to open it up the fun way. That shield will be your lockpick.

(On way to Dahl waystation)

Springs: You'll need that shield to break into the safe and re-steal the goodies.

Springs: -- Just trust me.

(Approach security room)

Springs: You should see a bunch of security devices around you. You'll need to disable those AT THE SAME TIME to open the safe.

(Inside security room)

Springs: That shock nova shield I gave you should disable all the security devices when it's triggered.


Springs: Just get hurt next to the power boxes. Throw a grenade at yourself! Get somebody to shoot you! Punch yourself in the face! You can't do that last one.

(Disabled cameras)

Springs: There you go. Whatever's inside is yours -- minus my finder's fee.

(Pick up ECHO)

Springs (on ECHO): The password is: "For Steph".

Springs: Ah, right. Probably shouldn't have put my password IN the safe. Silly me. Anyway, come on back whenever.

(Turn in)

Springs: "For Steph". Can't believe I forgot that!

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