OHS Inspection is a challenge in Outlands Spur to locate and inspect five hazard signs within the various compounds.


  • From the fast travel location, west along the cliff edge, behind a small square building. [Sign] [Map]
  • In the central compound (Flow Control), the elevated platform on east side of the compound. [Sign] [Map]
  • In the northern compound (Processing Plant), on the southern edge of the chasm, next to a support tower holding up the pipes. [Sign] [Map]
  • In the south-central area of the map, on the edge looking out at the collapsed crane, near the second oxygen bubble generator. [Sign] [Map]
  • In the southwestern compound (Pumping Station), between the first and second OZ station, near a jump pad. Note: Not the methane outflow pipes emptying into the lava lake. [Sign] [Map]



Despite what the description of the challenge suggests, not all the signs are within the compounds themselves.

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