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Find a Lancer Digistruct Module.

  • Found Digistruct Module: 0/1
"Have you seen those Lancer APCs them d-bags are driving around! I need to get me one! If you can find me a Lancer Digistruct Module, I can upload it into the Catch-A-Ride system. How'd you like to get yer hands on one o' them?"


Go to Scooter to get this mission. Approach the southern roadblock from Moxxi's mission just to the left of the mission marker on the map. There is a small box on a container where the Lance spawn. Bring it back to Scooter to unlock the Lancer.


"Shit and meatballs! You pulled it off! I wish mine were as brass as yours man!"


  • Mission Item: Lancer Digitruct Module - "Contains all of the necessary digital information to manufacture the vehicle at a Catch-A-Ride."


  • "OMG" is an internet acronym for "Oh My God", and "APC" stands for "Armored Personnel Carrier".

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