OMG APC is an optional mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx given by Scooter. It becomes available after Prison Break: Road Warrior is complete.


"Have you seen those Lancer APCs them d-bags are driving around! I need to get me one! If you can find me a Lancer Digistruct Module, I can upload it into the Catch-A-Ride! system. How'd you like to get yer hands on one-a them?"


OMG APC05:48




Find a Lancer Digistruct Module.
  • Found Digistruct Module


Go to Scooter to get this mission. Approach the southern roadblock from Moxxi's mission just to the left of the mission marker on the map. There is a small box on a container where the Lance spawn. Bring it back to Scooter to unlock the Lancer.


"Shit and meatballs! You pulled it off! I wish mine were as brass as yours man!"


  • Text of Lancer Digitruct Module item: Contains all of the necessary digital information to manufacture the vehicle at a Catch-A-Ride.


  • "OMG" is an internet acronym for "Oh My God", and "APC" stands for "Armored Personnel Carrier".

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