Oasis is the starting location of the first Borderlands 2 DLC, Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.


Little is known about Oasis prior to the events of the DLC. Based on the number of buildings in Oasis, it can be assumed it was once a fairly populated and successful town. At some point prior to the Vault Hunters' arrival, Oasis's source of drinkable water either became severely limited or was cut off entirely, leading to the deaths of the entire town save for one resident.


The Vault Hunters return to Oasis multiple times during the campaign. This city acts as the hub of Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty




Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

Coral Island Camp

Coral Island Camp is a moderately sized pirate base a separate structure on a narrow spire of rock connected to Wurmtail Plateau by a swing bridge.

Horrid Hideaway

A small area in the north-central area of the map, accessed by going north from town and then east before the northern boundary wall. Location of the engagement ring in Wingman.


The town of Oasis is a built up coastal town on the edge of a dried up sea bed. several docks stretch out over the barren sand, indicating the body of water that must have once been there. The town provides access to all of the basic services, including a Catch-A-Ride terminal used exclusively for digistructing sandskiffs. The only visible source of water in the town is a small, shallow pool of dirty water marked by a handwritten "stay away" sign in the middle of town.

Rockview Rest Stop

Rockview Rest Stop is a small pirate's haven just north of the town of Oasis. There is a New-U Station here and a message in a bottle.

Wreck of the Kronus

Once a proud ship of a vicious pirate queen, the Kronus now lies derelict on the sand. The wreck conceals several lootable objects, and the more observant explorers may discover a Vault symbol on its starboard side.

Wurmtail Plateau

Wurmwater Passage


  • Oasis appears on the fast travel menu, but some players have reported crashes when attempting to travel. This is likely the result of an incomplete patch. Users have since confirmed success both with individually purchased DLC and with the Season Pass for Xbox and PC.
  • An introductory video plays when a player accesses the area for the first time to introduce the story.


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