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Octo is a unique Tediore shotgun. Octo is obtained from the missions Slap Happy in Borderlands 2 and Lab 19 in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Special Weapon Effects

Octo means 9. – Fires 8 pellets in 3x3 pattern with centre left pellet missing. Pellets are slow moving and fly in a sine-wave pattern while leaving yellow orange trails.

Usage & Description

Unlike other shotguns, it remains effective at long range due to the unique projectile flight pattern. At close range however, it's outclassed by other shotguns because of its average stats. Rather than losing focus with increased range, it alternates between focused and unfocused instead. It is difficult to judge perfectly though, the optimal distances of the ranges where the shots are at their tightest.



  • The Octo has a unique weapon skin depicting an octopus underwater.

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