Ol' Rosie is a unique laser weapon manufactured by Maliwan. It is a reward for completing The Beginning of the End in True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

Special Weapon Effects

Every thorn has its rose. – Very high continuous damage bonus.

Usage & Description

Due to its high continuous damage bonus, it is recommended that Ol' Rosie be fired in long bursts, perhaps even expending the entire magazine, as it can provide tremendous continuous damage.


  • All parts are fixed. Every legitimately obtained Ol' Rosie will have the "Thorny" prefix.
    • The prefix also fixed:
  • A hotfix on 2 December 2014 lowered the continuous damage bonus of Ol' Rosie from +518% to +368%.
  • The Ol' Rosie is only available in purple rarity.

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