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Old Haven is an abandoned settlement, now occupied by the Crimson Lance.


Old Haven overview


Old Haven was once a major city in The Rust Commons East which has since been overrun by bandits, causing the residents to flee and create another settlement, called New Haven. According to Patricia Tannis, the bandits were hired by the Lance to scare the residents out. When the bandits accomplished that task, the Lance had no further use for them, swept in and killed all of the bandits, occupying the settlement, along with adding turrets throughout the city. Apparently, the Lance learned how to create signal fires, which the bandits use when calling for help. They later used these fires to lure unsuspecting groups of bandits to their deaths. Helena Pierce believes that Commandant Steele sent the Lance there to turn the area into another Sanctuary

Borderlands 2

Brick reveals that when the General Knoxx was killed, Atlas abandoned all Crimson Lance units in Pandora. As a result, they either joined Roland's Crimson Raiders or came to Old Haven to catch up with the remaining Lance stationed in Old Haven. Roland and Lilith later went to Old Haven and killed the remaining Lance there.

Tales from the Borderlands

In Episode 2: Atlas Mugged, Rhys and Fiona travel to Old Haven to uncover Atlas' Gortys Project. The mining town has been built over the underground facility. In the facilty they also found a lot of dead Crimson Lance soldiers that were killed by Athena when she decided to terminate the Project.


Notable Friendlies

  • Doorman Claptrap
  • Broken Claptrap (Spawns after the doorman is rescued)

Notable Enemies

Weapon Crate Locations

Main article: Old Haven: Weapon Crate Locations



  • Old Haven is the largest urban environment in the playable environment of Borderlands, containing over two dozen individual buildings of varying sizes.
  • The Crimson Lance enemies here tend to have better loot drops than elsewhere on Pandora, making the area a prime location for farming. Additionally, the Lance here respawn indefinitely as characters move through the various parts of the map, allowing a player to make circles around the map and continuously farm without any transition screen loading time.
  • The town has a powerful signaling beacon, which is put into use during the mission Hitching A Ride in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.
  • Some of the dead bandit bodies have their fingers posed in comical positions near the entry. For example, one bandit near the execution wall at the entrance to the map has his middle finger up.
  • Some of the buildings that can be entered have large numbers of beer cans scattered about. The beer is Clitz brand, which is advertised in New Haven.


  • The Claptrap here will occasionally spawn in such a way that he cannot be found, but his cries can be heard anyway.


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