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The Omen is a Seraph E-tech shotgun manufactured by Tediore. It exclusively appears in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The Omen can only be obtained as a drop from the Ancient Dragons of Destruction.

Special Weapon Effects

I'm gonna need you to stand back. – Fires 9 E-tech bullets in a unique pattern (8 bullets in a circle and 1 in the center) at a reduced ammo cost for an E-tech Shotgun. The pattern expands and contracts as it travels.

Usage and Description

Omen shoots a blaster-like spread of pellets with the middle projectile maintaining a straight trajectory. This makes it more useful than most Tediore splatguns in terms of range.

If the player can judge the correct distance with the pattern of the pellets' spread, the Omen can literally, be completely accurate as all of the pellets will pulse inwards and outwards, eventually overlapping for a brief moment; this can be very hard to master, though (Especially in combat and in certain different environments of which including if the shotgun has an iron sight or scope).


  • The spread pattern of the Omen is similar to an eye.
  • Can never spawn with the vertical grip, or the 'Gentle' prefix, which could give it x11 projectiles fired.
  • When looking straight up the pattern of the bullets becomes disfigured into an irregular shape while still maintaining its expanding and contracting ability.
  • Each pellet causes splash damage of the Omen's element. The splash damage cannot crit while the impact damage can.
  • The Omen can spawn with no element, making it one of the few E-Tech weapons (and the only shotgun) to do so. A nonelemental Omen will have purple pellets that inflict nonelemental bullet damage and explosive splash damage.


LVL 61 Omen - Most Accurate Shotgun Ever? Seraph Spotlight Dragon Keep Seraph Shotgun03:41

LVL 61 Omen - Most Accurate Shotgun Ever? Seraph Spotlight Dragon Keep Seraph Shotgun


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