On My Mark is a Tier 4 Skill in Jack's The Hero of This Story skill tree.


This skill can only be used when Expendable Assets is in use, and can only be done once per Action skill activation. On My Mark is activated by pressing the Action Skill button again while an enemy is in the crosshairs.

Combining this skill with Jack's Cache will deploy three grenades, two from the Digi-Jacks and one using Jack's Cache stacks.

Due to the amount of grenades that are thrown, using specific types can be devastating. Area-of-effect Grenades, Bouncing Bettie Grenades and MIRV Grenades can create mayhem over a wide area, while Transfusion grenades allow up to a maximum of three times the health regeneration (if Jack throws a grenade as well)

Any kills from On My Mark will add stacks of Cache, so it is wise to use the free grenade firs before activating this skill.


  • The Digi-Jacks don't always throw the grenade in the right direction and instead throw the grenade where they are currently aiming. As such, Longbow Grenades may often fly way off-course from where the player is pointing. Homing Grenades remedy this issue easily.

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