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One-Eyed Jack is a bandit boss in Borderlands. He appears during the mission Jack's Other Eye.


There is not much in-game information regarding One-Eyed Jack, only that he is a bandit leader in Rust Commons West. His bandits are unusually well armed, reportedly being supplied by a source other than Marcus Kincaid. It is later revealed that One-Eyed Jack and his crew have been discretely receiving arms shipments from Torgue.


The Vault hunters encounter One-eyed Jack while completing side missions from Marcus. After completing Firepower: Market Correction, and having destroyed a number of bandit ammunition caches in the process, Helena Pierce fears One-Eyed Jack will attack New Haven in revenge. She responds by sending the Vault hunters to launch a pre-emptive strike on One-eyed Jack in order to prevent her fears from coming true.



Main article: Jack's Other Eye


  • "I'm gonna make you drown in blood for that!"
  • "You remind me of my mother. I ate my mother."
  • "I'm gonna tear your arm off and beat your baby with it!"
  • "Did you know your head is really a big tomato?"
  • "Can I play 'pop top' with your head?"
  • "I'm gonna squeeze you till you bleed blood." - This quote is from the DLC Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot.
  • "You woke the wrong dog!" - This quote is from the DLC Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot and is probably a glitch as this is originally Nine Toes' quote.


  • Unlike other bosses, it's possible to end the fight with Jack quickly by running him over with a vehicle. On the other hand, Jack can be a dangerous opponent to fight on foot because of his high-damage revolver.
  • The item "Jack's other eye" is represented in game by a Skag pearl.


  • He looks similar to a psycho, although he uses his gun, Madjack, rather than melee weapons.
  • A 'one-eyed jack' is a common playing card term used to refer to two of the jack cards which show the face in profile, thus presenting only one eye.
  • Nobody knows where One-Eyed Jack came from. Marcus suspects that he's a black market weapons dealer, and that his bandit persona is simply a front. It's rumored that he lost his eye in a poker game, to an inside straight flush. (From the Official Borderlands Guide)

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