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"That slimy puke Sal has gone too far! Pipp, owner and hotelier of the far nicer Pipp Inn Spa, wants revenge. Shoving garbage in Hostel Sal’s food delivery chute should level the playing field in the resort wars."


Find some garbage and stuff it in Hostel Sal's food chute.

  • Garbage: 0/1
  • Garbage placed in chute: 0/1


Start off by collecting the garbage, which can be found in a bathroom next to Marcus' shop (in the back stall). Then proceed to Hostel Sal, which is just behind said bathroom, and go around to the back right. Locate the stairs to the basement which are under a diagonal piece of sheet metal, and proceed to the bottom where the food chute is hidden.


"You've secretly replaced the food at the Hostel Sal cafeteria with dark, sparkling garbage... can their customers tell the difference?"


  • The name of this mission is derived from the idea of one-upmanship, a term applied to the act of exceeding the exploits of a rival, thus going "one-up" on them.
  • The text from the completed mission dialog is a reference to Folgers coffee commercials, giving a blind taste test to random people.

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