One for Each of Ya is the capstone skill in Nisha's Fan the Hammer skill tree. It gives Nisha a copy of the currently equipped pistol to her left hand, similar to Gunzerking. The right pistol is only used when zooming in.


Automatic pistols will fire simultaneously, dealing more damage but players will run out of ammo quickly while semi-automatic pistols fire individually for each hand. Tediore reloads will throw both pistols at the same time.


  • If Nisha touches a ladder and lets go, the off-hand pistol is removed until she re-equips the weapon.
  • A glitch weapon only assigns bonuses based on the main-hand weapon.
  • The name of the skill is a line from the 1993 western, Tombstone.

Nisha Skills
Law & Order Fan the Hammer The Riflewoman

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