Ore Chasm is a Circle of Slaughter run by Innuendobot 5000. It has a small control room with three vending machines, and doors to the Eridium Blight and to the arena. Access to the arena is via a catwalk leading out to the middle of the chasm where an elevator waits to ferry combatants up or down. The elevator is locked while fighting is in progress.

The arena floor is a mine pit with plentiful cover, and parts of the rocky surface are coated with a crimson patina of raw slag.

The entrance to Ore Chasm is located in southern Eridium Blight, at Human Dwelling Place occupied by Mal.







  • The elevator may become operable during a round of Hyperion Slaughter at random.


  • Ore Chasm's name is a play on the word "orgasm".

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