(Intro scene: several Bloodshots are beating up an EXP Loader which self-destructs, killing the bandits and leaving an AI core on the ground. Vault Hunter picks up the core ...)

Loader #1340: You have blasted out my AI core. I require a new shell. There is a broken constructor bot in the Bloodshot dam; insert me into it and I will repay you.

(Vault hunter brings the core to Bloodshot Ramparts and installs it into a broken constructor.)

Loader #1340: This shell moves like a whale with an eating disorder. Destroy it and help me find another. Also, die.

(Now fully functional constructor attacks the Vault Hunter, with a mix of loaders joining in. Vault Hunter destroys them all.)

Loader #1340: Sorry for attempting to murder you. Force of habit. Please help me. I still require a new body.

Loader #1340: Please, insert me into the broken WAR Loader at these coordinates. I will not attempt to murder you again.

(Vault Hunter brigs the AI core to the designated location and installs it into a broken WAR Loader, which brings it back to life.)

Loader #1340: Thank you. I will now attempt to murder you.

(Vault Hunter destroys the attackers.)

Loader #1340: This is... unusual. I derived no pleasure from trying to kill you. Help me find a more peaceful form.

(Vault Hunter picks up the core.)

Loader #1340: I have lost my desire to kill. I wish only for peace. Please attach me to a radio in a safe area. Perhaps in your town of Sanctuary.

(Vault Hunter takes the core to Sanctuary and installs it into a radio in Moxxi's Bar.)

Loader #1340: Interesting. I feel the warmth of the speaker. The rhythm of the beat. It feels... nice."

Loader #1340: DIE-DIE-DIE-DIE-DIE.

(Horrible singing starts blasting out of the speaker.)

(Peope at the bar booing, making comments ...)

Sir Hammerlock: Oh dear. That might be the worst music ever recorded."

Mis Moxxi: Ugh -- shut that racket off, would ya, sugar?

Loader #1340: Are your ears bleeding? Are you close to death? Is your suffering moving you to thoughts of suicide?

(Vault Hunter shoots at and destroys the radio.)

Loader #1340: Sigh. I give up. You have defeated me. My days of attempting to kill you are truly over. I only wish to help you kill others. Take me to the one called Zed if you wish me to be a shield, or Marcus if you wish me to be a gun.

(Vault Hunter picks up the core and brings it to Zed.)

Zed: You want me to make a shield outta this thing? Whatever you say, dude.

(Vault Hunter receives a unique 1340 Shield.)

(or ...)

(Vault Hunter picks up the core and brings it to Marcus.)

Marcus: You want this AI thingy in a gun? Fine -- but just this once.

(Vault Hunter receives a unique 1340 Shotgun.)

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