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The PBFG is an E-tech rocket launcher manufactured by Maliwan. The PBFG is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

Upon impact, the PBFG's projectile encapsulates enemies in energy spheres and deals maximum damage in a huge radius. Any enemy strong enough to survive the initial blast will suffer continuous normal damage-over-time in addition to the PBFG's elemental status effect. This makes it most effective against big groups of enemies and can be especially useful to get a Second Wind in tight situations. Due to its unique normal damage-over-time, it is also useful for harming enemies that have a resistance to the gun's element.


  • Shots fired from the PBFG deal damage through walls and buildings.
  • Individual energy orbs are affected by Amp shields, as well as the initial projectile.
  • While the damage over time is normal damage, damage over time from a Slag PBFG is not doubled when the target is slagged. Due to this a Slag PBFG is less useful than a PBFG of another element coupled with a slag grenade.



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