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Pangolin are one of the few manufacturers on Pandora that does not produce guns. Their shields provide higher capacity, true to their namesake, but at the cost of a longer shield recharge delay. In Borderlands 2, they offer incredibly high capacity shields (easily over twice as high capacity as other shields) at the cost of lower max HP.



Class mods:

  • Berserker - Centurion, Skirmisher, Titan, Tank Pangolin Loyalty
  • Hunter - Scavenger, Survivor
  • Siren - Defender, Tempest

Grenade Mods:

  • Rubberized - Explosive, Corrosive, Incendiary, Shock

Item Tiers

  • Pangolin Leather = Level 13 - 21
  • Pangolin Mail = Level 22 - 30
  • Pangolin Buckler = Level 31 - 39
  • Pangolin Shield = Level 40 - 47
  • Pangolin Plate = Level 48+

Borderlands 2

In Borderlands 2, Pangolin no longer manufactures Grenade mods.


Common Items:

Legendary Items:

Seraph Items:


  • The pangolin is a primarily nocturnal, insect-eating mammal which can curl into a ball for protection, and has a thick coat of scales (modified hair) to protect it. This natural protection is no doubt what inspired the manufacturer's name.

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