Parachutes are for Pansies is a location-based challenge in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. To perform this challenge in The Forge, it is required to jump from the highest point without hitting molten metal. It is worth 4 Badass Rank.


This challenge involves a simple jump from a high location, however to reach the lofty height Vault Hunters must first negotiate a number of catwalks populated with hostile bikers. Many of these adversaries are long range units with assault rifles and the occasional shotgun, and the ranks are rounded out with some buzzard air support and a few psychos.

The drop location is directly above the entrance ramp to the Forge. A low wall between two bandit turrets blocks the most direct jump, but jumping up onto this before leaping out towards the entrance gate ensures challenge completion.


  • This jump provides a suitable finale to the mission Kickstart My Heart as jumping down from the top of the Forge is the fastest way back to the gate.


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